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How to Play Taboo?


There are many board games that are played fondly. One of them is taboo games. Taboo is often preferred to have a fun time, especially when meeting with friends. But for this, it is necessary to know the rules of the game.


 What Should Be Considered While Playing Taboo?


 One of the fun games to be played in the family or among friends is taboo. For this reason, the question of how to play the taboo game is being investigated by many people. This game is suitable for anyone aged 12 and over. This game, which is played with at least 6 people, can also go up to 12 people.


 In the taboo game, people play in two groups. Here, the number of people in each group must be the same. To start the game, there must be at least 6 players. Before the game starts, one person from the group is chosen as the narrator.


 Here, the narrator takes 5 of the taboo cards into his/her hand. The time starts at the same time as the narrator who receives the cards. Meanwhile, a player from the opposing group controls the forbidden words on the cards and the time. The aim of the game here is to tell as many words as you can until the end of the time. So the more words are told, the higher the chance of winning.


 What Should Be Done While Playing the Taboo Game?

 Taboo is one of the most entertaining games of today. In order to play the taboo game, it is necessary to know the rules and pay attention to some points.


  The most important points to be considered here are the forbidden words. It is forbidden to use these words in taboo during narration. Expressions should be made without using these words, and when known, the next card is passed. If taboo words are used, that card will be canceled and the next card can be passed.


 Another point to consider is time. Time must be observed in the game. After the time runs out with the hourglass, the game goes to the opposite group. In addition, one of the ways to win in the game is to pay attention to the time. Here, if the narrator wants to win and get ahead, he must use the time well. For this reason, when he receives the card, he should start the narration quickly without wasting time.


 If the narrator stays on one card too long, he must switch to the other card. Because losing too much time on a card causes the group not to win. Also, in order not to use the forbidden words, the card should be looked at carefully after it is taken. After the banned words are read, the banned words can be checked again quickly during the narration.