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The question arose on Reddit as to whether Nintendo has discontinued the production of Labo. Allegedly, the company is no longer offering the products. 

Nintendo itself has not yet commented on the status of Labo, but there are some indications that we will not see any more products about it. It's not so easy to find all the items for Labo in stores anymore. And it's getting harder by the month. It seems like retailers are only selling the remaining stock and not getting any new items into the assortment. And even with the items that are still available, there are sales with special offers from time to time. It seems like Nintendo is now buying Labo, just letting it die quietly.

In any case, the concept of Labo was very interesting and innovative. The various sets consisted of cardboard sheets that could be assembled into models. In combination with the Joy-Cons of the Switch and the console itself, it was possible to develop interesting game concepts. Players could build fishing rods and catch fish in a game, or they could build a VR headset and play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example. It was also possible to build a piano that could be played properly. But apparently the principle did not catch on. This could also have been due to the fact that when you bought a set, you always had the feeling that you had simply bought a bit of cardboard at a high price.

At the moment, it is impossible to say whether new sets will be released or whether Nintendo is working on something new that is similarly innovative. 

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