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Selection and Importance of Toys for Children


Playing is very important for the cognitive development of the child. Another factor that is as important for the development of the child as the game is the preferred materials. With the selection of baby toys, the child gains a sense of evaluation while developing his/her creativity.

Wooden toys are of great importance for children. Thanks to their color, size, shape, it is easier for children to learn concepts and learning becomes more fun.

It is also important that the chosen toy does not threaten the health of the child. You can eliminate this risk thanks to the selected natural toys.

Which Toys Should Be Preferred?


Play is as essential to a child as nutrition. Children have an endless sense of curiosity. This sense of curiosity can turn into a fun discovery thanks to toys. The girls' tea set develops the ability to play for children, while teaching them to share.

When choosing toys, toys that will develop your children's synthesis, application, comprehension, evaluation and creativity skills should be preferred. With baby toys, your children's sensory-motor, social and emotional development is supported.

How Should the Toy Selection Be Made?


Our children are our most valuable assets. When choosing toys, we need to consider their development and health. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing toys?

  • For the child's skills and development, toys suitable for his/her age must be preferred.
  • Imagination is in every child. Children's imagination should be supported with toys.
  • When choosing toys, it should be noted that they do not contain carcinogens. Wooden toys do not contain carcinogens and can be easily washed and cleaned.
  • When choosing a toy, care should be taken that the toy is not made of sharp, breakable, and breakable materials.

Attention should be paid to the above features. As, we support your children's development with toys that support their development.