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Kiki Dietz looks from outside through the window into her painting workshop on Kirchstraße in Ossenberg. She has already hung some pictures painted by children on the window. Photo: Armin Fischer arfi

The artist from Ossenberg has started a campaign. She is calling on boys and girls to take up pen or brush and paper and paint the frustration of the lockdown off their minds. The results will be hung up. 

Little Erik titled his picture "A farmer's wife on a tractor". And the two-and-a-half-year-old boy has a very precise idea of where it should be exhibited: in the shop window of Andrea Adams' Rheinberg toy shop Nimmerland on the inner wall. "I took it there today," says Kiki Dietz, pleased with the work of the young painter. The Ossenberg artist had recently called on children to paint self-portraits. Pictures that show how the children see themselves when they paint. This post has been shared more than once, so it must have reached several thousand people. Feedback in the form of creative works came from Trier and Frankfurt, among other places. And one even from England. So it was an international campaign. 

In the meantime, Kiki Dietz has exhibited some paintings in the shop window of her studio on Kirchstraße a in Ossenberg. With the toy shop Nimmerland, the restaurant Pepperpot and the bookshop Schiffer-Neumann, Dietz had acquired three more "shop window spaces" without further ado. And the Terrazoo on Melkweg has now also agreed to join in. The zoo could encourage children to paint animals. "Not only reptiles, but all kinds of things," says the artist. 

The artist Kiki Dietz came to the Lower Rhine from Lahnstein. Since then she has been working in her studio "Werkstatt für Malerei" in Ossenberg. She also gives courses and conducts workshops there. 

The Ossenberg artist did not give the children any thematic guidelines. But in view of the different exhibition locations, certain motifs seem to suggest themselves: In the Neverland window everything revolves around toys, in the Pepperpot around food and favourite dishes, and at Schiffer it's all about books and browsing. Petra Neumann, the owner of the shop, has picked out a book to go with it. The idea for the campaign came to her not least because of the Corona pandemic, says Dietz. Children sit at home, largely without friends and without leisure activities. "When a little boy asked me to 'rate' his picture, I put the idea into practice," says Kirsten Dietz. To create an incentive to take up painting in the first place, she initially chose the subject of self-portraits - without any further restrictions. Now she is happy to see the "exhibition" develop further: three generations - grandparents, parents and children - paint their pictures, which are later exhibited together. The shop windows of Kiki Dietz's studio, Nimmerland, Pepperpot and Schiffer thus form a kind of open-air gallery that families can discover on a walk. Small, but also big artists who want to participate and contribute a painting can drop off their works at the studio at Kirchstraße a in Ossenberg. "There you will find a bag at the door in which the paintings are safely stored," says Kiki Dietz. She assures: At least as long as we have to stay at home because of Corona, the action can run.

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