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What is the Importance of Play for Children?

What is the Importance of Play for Children?


For children, life begins with play and is all about play. Playing games is very important for them, especially in identifying and developing talents. In addition, intelligence development, socialization and imagination skills are also developed by playing games.


So, what are the examples of games to spend fun and productive time? You can ensure that your child has fun and quality time with these games. There are many types of games that will support your child's development.


They can learn teamwork.


With these games, you can increase your children's self-confidence, as well as provide teamwork and socialization. The chair grabber game is one of these games. They can play this game, which has been very popular since ancient times, both indoors and outdoors.


Chairs are arranged in a way that is 1 less than the total number of children, and the children begin to play by turning around the chairs, accompanied by music. When the music stops, those who manage to sit continue to play, while the children standing are eliminated in turn.


Thanks to this game, your children's reflexes will develop as well as they will learn about competition.


Develops Attention and Concentration.


Children may have trouble concentrating because they are constantly interested in different things and many things attract their attention. But thanks to the water transport game, it is possible to improve your children's attention and concentration.


In this game, children are divided into two equal groups and a large bucket is placed in front of them. Small buckets or glasses are then given to each child. After the children fill the glasses with water, they walk quickly to the bucket opposite and pour the water into the bucket. The team that fills the bucket the fastest will win the game.


You can make them think technically and practically.


Some games can give your children the ability to think practically, thanks to their content features. One of these games is hide and seek and blind midwife games. In the game of hide and seek, one of the children becomes a midwife and starts counting with their eyes closed at the appointed time. Other children hide in different places where the midwife cannot find them.


The first competitor found by the midwife will be the next midwife. Thanks to this game, you can make your children move faster and think more practically. Another game is blindfold. One of the children becomes a midwife and is blindfolded so that she cannot see the other children.


The midwife with her eyes closed tries to find and catch other children. While playing this game, it will be useful to draw the objects around the children and allocate a large area for them.


Thanks to this game, your children will have the ability to think technically, such as determining the direction of the sound.

Another game that will add technical and practical thinking potential to your child is mini construction games. They have to play this game in areas with garden, beach, sand and soil. You have to give your children small equipment such as trucks, scoops and shovels to play the game. While your children are building different shapes and different things with their friends, they will also learn teamwork.