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Hopfgarten Against lockdown frustration: Nine creative ideas from Thuringian game tester Thomas Wodzicki. 

Thomas Wodzicki with folding rule dog and newspaper in front of the village church of his home in Hopfgarten near Weimar. The -year-old is a guest lecturer at the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences in Jena and is a member of the Toy Awad jury at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. 

At the moment, people are playing more than they have in a long time. In addition to board and card games, there are also creative games with things that everyone has at home such as a newspaper, matches, folding ruler or cotton wool. 

Thuringian games tester Thomas Wodzicki presents nine ideas at the start of the holidays: 

Shape figures: The folding rule is also ideal as a toy with which to form letters or figures. One player says what is to be built with the folding ruler in the current round, for example a dog or an A. The player then has to complete the task as quickly as possible. After that, the player has to complete the task as quickly as possible. A game that trains concentration and creativity, says game pedagogue Wodzicki. 

City, country, object: According to Thomas Wodzicki, the classic game City, Country, River can be modified in many ways. You can invent your own categories, such as sweets. But you can also bring movement into the game by looking for an additional object in the flat in each round that has the required first letter. In an S round, for example, you could type out a cupboard or a salt shaker. 

Table football: Two straws, cotton wool and four cups - that's all you need for a table football game for two. The cotton wool is placed in the middle of the table. Two glasses each serve as goals. Now the players blow into the straws and try to direct the cotton wool into the opponent's goal. 

Wadding game: For the wadding game you also need straws and cotton wools as well as a container. This time, the balls have to be sucked up with the straws and transported over a certain distance to the container. Who can put down the most wads of cotton wool in one minute? 

Exercise games with the newspaper: Once the daily newspaper has been read, it can be used for exercise games, says the game tester. For example, who can cross the corridor fastest with the newspaper on their head, on their chest or between their knees? Another variation requires two newspaper pages for each player. The opponents stand on their first page and place the second on the floor in front of them. Now they stand on the second page and put the first one in front of them again to step on it. The player who moves the fastest through the room in this way is the winner. 

Newspaper quiz: In the newspaper quiz, the players have to study one or more pages of a newspaper for a few minutes. After that, they ask each other facts. On Wednesday, for example, they could have asked who sang the national anthem at Biden's inauguration, Wodzicki explains. 

Match stacking: The match game Stork's Nest is all about skill. A glass bottle and matches are needed, which are divided equally among the players. One after the other, each player places a match on the neck of the bottle to create a diffuse pile. If the sticks fall down while they are being placed, the person who caused them must keep them. The winner is the one who gets rid of all the sticks the fastest. 

Match balancing: This balancing game also requires skill, says Wodzicki: you take a matchstick between your thumb and forefinger and place a second one across it. The one who has balanced his fragile wooden cross around the table the fastest is the winner. 

Flying box: This game was already played by grandparents: A matchbox is placed on the edge of a table so that it protrudes slightly. Then it has to be flicked into the air with the fingers. Depending on how it lands, the players receive points: If the box lies on the front side, points are awarded. If it lands on a narrow side, it scores points. If it even stands on end, the player gets points. Everyone can let the box fly as often as they like. But be careful: if it lands on its back, the points that the player has collected in the current round are lost and it is the next player's turn. You need points to win the game.