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How to Choose a Toy?


Toys should definitely be chosen in accordance with the child's interest, age, skill and development level. A toy bought for a child below the skill and age level will not be enjoyable and will soon be in the spotlight.


A toy bought for children above their age and skill level creates a sense of failure in the child and this is a very dangerous thing. In both cases, the toy is abandoned after a short while.


Which toys should be bought for a 3-year-old child?


One of the most important issues that you should pay attention to before buying a toy is how many hours, how many days, how many months, how many years the toy can stay in the child's area of ​​interest. If a toy can stay in the child's interest for a long time, it is a well-chosen and successful toy. Children often do not treat their toys with care and gentleness. For this reason, the durability of the toy is very important when choosing a toy. Toys that deteriorate quickly, are broken, and toys that have been produced unsuccessfully. When choosing toys for 3-year-old children, the following criteria should be considered;



- Imitation of all kinds of household materials used by adults in daily life


-Fish and fishing games


-4 or 6 piece puzzle


-Big nails game


-Simple matching games


-Simple game of dominoes


-Play dough


-Drawing paper and crayons


-Finger paint


-Detailed and abundantly illustrated story books that can be read


-Large size lego


What Should Be Considered When Choosing Toys?


When choosing toys, it is very important to choose durable toys for the age and interests of the child. In addition, the toys to be preferred should not be overly structured, functional, and should not limit creativity. For example, it is much more functional to buy a flatbed truck instead of buying a milk truck. Because the child can place anything he wants in the empty box of the truck and carry what he wants with it.


Children often play for a longer period of time with toys that they can build, shape, glue, and cut that are not provided to them. Because they often use the trial and error method in such games. They also use their minds more. The manager of the material placed in front of them is himself, and the product that comes out as a result of their efforts makes them feel a sense of victory.


Is Every Age Toy Different?


The choice of age-appropriate toys is of great importance for the mental and physical development of children. While a random toy for children can negatively affect their imagination, toys that are chosen consciously allow children to reveal their hidden talents. For this reason, parents should choose toys that are suitable for their children when buying toys.


How Does Gender Difference Affect Toy Selection?


Children's interests also differ according to their gender. For this reason, while girls mostly prefer to play with dolls, boys like to play with cars. Girls like to play with household and kitchen utensils and boys like to play with repair tools much more.