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What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Toy?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Toy?


The toy is a perception that warms everyone's heart and takes them to the past. From infancy to the entire childhood stage of development, the place and importance of toys is quite high. Toys, which have become indispensable for birthdays, report card gifts and special occasions, should be chosen correctly before purchasing.


 Why is Toy Selection Important?


 When choosing a toy, it should be suitable not only for its price, but also for meeting the needs and in terms of health. At the very beginning of the appropriate selection, it applies to the characteristics related to age and gender. When choosing a toy, only the price should not be valid, it should not contain any health-friendly and carcinogenic substances. The fact that babies and children are in the developmental age, the intensive mouth-to-mouth processes against certain microbes cause families to be more careful.


  At What Age Should Toys Be Preferred?


 Families need to consider some criteria when choosing toys for their children. Below are some of the reasons for preference.


The choice of toys should be chosen according to the age of the child and considering the level of interest and skill. The toy preference of each age differs. Some toys must have features such as movement and riding, and children's development such as walking must be completed.


Children should not give unsuccessful and negative responses to toys. In order for them to have a good time, they must be in complete harmony with the toy.


Toys must be age appropriate. Toys consisting of some small parts pose a risk to children. Every year, many children are involved in hospital treatment for this reason.


What Should Be Considered When Choosing Toys?


The selected toy must be suitable for the developmental period of the child. Contribution to skills such as toilet and speaking in young children helps to get important results.


Toys that are not suitable for the age of the child ensure that the children are interested for a short time and give up.


In the selection of toys, it is necessary to choose toys that are suitable for the child's muscle and lifting power. The importance of this choice is high against all the risks that may arise regarding the muscles and bodies of the children.


Functional productivity is important in the toy. For example, a trailer attached to the back of the car develops the child's predisposition to training such as putting other toys into it and analytical thinking.


Why is the choice of toys important? This question is commonly asked by parents. Information should be obtained from specialist physicians and large companies that are institutional in toy sales transactions should be requested. Toy sales companies, where sufficient permissions are obtained, are important in terms of education and health of children.


Toys should be preferred, with rounded corners of the toys and the least risk of certain risks, if possible none at all.


The Importance of Gender in Toy Selection


 There should be no discrimination between boys and girls in the choice of toys. If girls play with the car, it is ensured that they are not interfered with and are included in the game in harmony with them.

 Children should be kept away from broken toys, the reason is that precautions and precautions should be taken against risks such as swallowing and cutting the parts inside the broken toy.