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About us


Dear hafsatoys visitors,

we are a newly founded young company in the south of Hamburg. Our goal is to offer toys that children can play, have fun and learn with. We believe that toys should entertain our children, make them fun and encourage them to develop their motor and cognitive development. That is why our motto is: play, fun and learning. Learning is a process that begins at birth and accompanies us throughout our life. It is like a snowball, what is learned is learned and linked with one another. In all learning development processes of the children it is observed that the children need time and options to develop their cognitive and motor skills. Products that we offer will strengthen children's skills in a playful and action-oriented manner. In today's world, when media consumption takes up most of our children's play time, our toys offer an alternative and expand children's social skills. Together with friends, siblings or parents, the children can experience unforgettable moments.

Games, fun and learning!

Let our toys convince you.