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What Should Be Considered While Choosing Shoes?

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Shoes?


Shoes are indispensable for us. For people of all ages, shoe selection and its model and suitability for foot structure are very important. However, when it comes to kids, this issue is much more important. Children's shoes should be chosen very carefully from babyhood. Since the feet of babies are very sensitive and susceptible to damage, the right shoes should be chosen from the very beginning and a path should be followed in that way.


 What Should Be Considered While Choosing Shoes for Kids?


 Particular attention should be paid when choosing children's shoes because their foot structure is more susceptible to deterioration. Physical deformations are more likely to occur because their bone structures, ligaments and skin are fresh and soft. In addition, if your child is at school age, his feet will stay in shoes for hours and will not be able to breathe. More attention should be paid in this process.


The following should be considered when buying children's shoes;


 1- The shoes used by your children should not be in direct contact with the ground. The support provided by the heels is very important for shoes. This detail must be considered.


 2-The support part of the shoes should be round and wide.


 3- The toe width of the shoes should be such that the toes can be comfortable and their shape should not be distorted.


 4-The child should be with you while buying the shoes, and the shoes should be purchased together with the child by trying both pairs.


 5- Selection should be made in a way that there is an empty space of one finger on the toe tips of the shoes.


 6- If the child goes to school, there should be a pair of sneakers for after school, in addition to school shoes.


 7- The same shoes should not be worn by the child all the time, and 2 pairs of shoes should be used by making changes as much as possible.


 8- When choosing shoes, attention should be paid to the quality of the material. Products made from bad materials threaten health and cause various diseases.


 If children have to stay in shoes for long hours, then the shoes should be removed and the feet should be relaxed. If possible, the child is given a shower.


 Why is Shoe Selection Important?


 The foot is bony and jointed, and when a wrong shoe is chosen, the foot structure deteriorates, which can cause orthopedic problems in the future. Problems that start in childhood cause much bigger problems over the years. In addition, unhealthy shoes made of bad materials both cause bad odor on the feet and invite skin diseases. In this regard, it is necessary to be very careful.


What kind of shoes should be preferred?


 Shoes should not be tight or loose and should be chosen in the right size. In addition, it should be suitable for the physical structure of the foot. Useful products that will not cause health problems should be preferred.


 What are the Prices of Shoes?


 There are thousands of types of shoes today. According to the material structure and model, shoes are produced and offered for sale at different prices.